A Story – part 67

As my hospital room had two beds, we decided it made the most sense for us to both sleep there, with the one police guard outside. We both needed some help getting ready for sleep. My foot was badly swollen and sore and I was too weak to walk far and Leo was handicapped with his hands in bandages.

When we turned out the lights I felt a shiver of fear and turned on the little one next to my bed. Leo said “Too many close memories of the dark?”. He has always understood me so well.

We lay and chatted about some silly things for a while and then I just couldn’t stay awake and the next thing I knew it was morning. The doctor came and gave me another check-up. My foot was so bruised and swollen he said that there may be a crack in a bone that hadn’t shown up on the x-ray. If it didn’t start to recover after a few days of rest and elevation, I must go for further assessment. He put me on crutches, but I was still too weak. He ordered bed rest for a few days, getting up as I felt strong enough, but no weight on the foot.

Leo’s hands and a very bad cut on one arm were still very painful. Nothing seemed infected, so he too was told to rest, take the antibiotics he was given, and if he wasn’t starting to visibly heal in a few days to also seek more help. They re-bandaged his hands with quite a lot of gentle padding to make them comfortable.

They brought us quite a hearty breakfast, and again I had to feed Leo. We started talking of an official dinner he was supposed to attend that night and chuckled at the thought of me sitting next to him and feeding him.

We phoned my parents again, and they seemed very happy I was recovering.

At mid-morning two people came in. I was most confused. They were carrying flowers, presents wrapped in pale blue and a balloon that read “It’s a boy!”

Leo burst out laughing. His secretary and chief of security. She said, “I realised it would be easiest if it looked as though we must be visiting someone else”. They wanted to keep the press away until Leo could prepare a statement.

Inside the presents was a change of clothing for each of us. With their help we were soon dressed, each in a soft tracksuit and shoes. A wheelchair was brought for me. Leo’s secretary took his car keys and said goodbye.

The security man had already gone ahead.

An orderly wheeled me along to a lift, and we went down, along a very plain passage and into the mortuary. The security man picked us up in a plain car at the mortuary entrance and we drove off to the capital.  I was asleep again in a few minutes with Leo’s arm around me and my head on his shoulder.

When we got to the palace I was very glad to see my parents and brother all waiting to greet us. My brother carried me in and we all had an extremely happy reunion. I had more to eat. Starving for a bit has made me permanently hungry.

After I had had yet another sleep we all had a quiet supper together in the family part of the palace.  It was wonderful to sit together at a table and eat. Such simple things you take for granted until you could lose them.  The family laughed as I insisted that feeding Leo was my job.


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