String and sticky Tape

String and sticky tape.  The stuff of the quick repair. It’s what MacGyver always used to get himself out of the most difficult situations.

 Or are there serious uses too?

When I first read a headline about this I thought they were stringing me along.

Scientists from Manchester University used sticky tape to help produce sheets of something called graphene. Wafers of carbon that are a single atom thick. Their unusual properties could transform electronics, from solar cells to computers and sensors. This has won them the 2010 Nobel Prize for Physics. Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov do seem to be real-life MacGyver types.

When you think of the millions poured into research elsewhere, it does seem that a budget of a couple of hundred pounds for sticky tape is pretty modest.


10 thoughts on “String and sticky Tape

  1. I remember McGyver! Do you know that South Africa has produces 9 Nobel Prize winners?
    1. Max Theiler: Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine (1951)
    2. Albert Lutuli: Nobel Prize in Peace (1960)
    3. Desmond Tutu: Nobel Prize in Peace (1984)
    4. Nadine Gordimer: Nobel Prize in Literature (1991)
    5. Nelson Mandela: Nobel Prize in Peace (1993)
    6. Frederik W. de Klerk: Nobel Prize in Peace (1993)
    7. John M. Coetzee: Nobel Prize in Literature (2003)

    Winners of Nobel Prize who were born in South Africa and who were resident elsewhere at time of the award:
    8. Allan M. Cormack: Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine (1979)
    9. Sydney Brenner: Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine (2002)

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