A Story – part 64

When the architect and builder arrived they were startled to see the king, jacket discarded, frantically pulling rubble away.  When they approached him, he told them, “Anthea is down there somewhere”. Without asking how he knew, they started to help. Surprised by the effort he was making, his shirt sleeve torn on some piece of metal, they simply followed his directions, making suggestions when their greater knowledge of the pieces of building they were faced with made their suggestions useful.

At one stage the drizzle of rain turned into much harder rain, but Leo just kept on. The builder had fetched some equipment from his vehicle and was starting to lever up a long girder when Leo stopped him. They all listened. A tapping, like someone knocking on wood, a few feet further on.  As one they moved there carefully lifting and removing pieces. Then a larger roof strut blocked their way. When they tried to move it there was a groan from below them.

“She’s alive” Leo shouted, and with apparently superhuman strength moved the girder in the opposite direction. The other two men came to help and together they moved it to balance elsewhere.  Now a foot was exposed. Looking very dirty and discoloured. It moved. Another groan.

Now all three of them carefully moved ceiling pieces, to discover a wooden barrier. It seemed to be a piece of furniture. So they moved to the other side and lifting some ceiling board pieces discovered Anthea. Dirty and wet. Definitely alive.

Leo climbed into the gap and took her hand. She opened her eyes and blinked at him.  He said “Are you ok?” and as she nodded, unable to speak, he pulled her into his arms. Crouching in the gap, holding her and with tears pouring down his face, rocking her a little.

This seemed to revive her somewhat, so he picked her up, clambered over the rubble, straightened up and said to the architect, “Drive us to the nearest hospital”.

Leo climbed into the rear seat of his own car with Anthea still cradled in his arms. The architect followed, carrying Leo’s jacket and phone that had just been left lying on the ground.  In the jacket pocket was the car key. So he simply got in and drove off, towards the town. Once there he had to ask for directions to the nearest hospital as Leo seemed incapable of directing him.

They stopped at the emergency entrance, Leo got out and carried Anthea inside. The nurse on admittance there recognised Leo and simply waved him to a cubicle, following him and drawing a curtain. He laid Anthea down on the examination table and slumped down on the floor next to her. 

A moment later a doctor appeared to take charge. He started to examine Anthea, concerned about the fresh blood on her clothes, but she seemed uninjured.  They set her up with a drip and sent her off to a side room for some recovery time before they assessed her again.  Then the doctor turned back to Leo and realised the blood came from Leo’s hands and arms, his shirt showing where he was still bleeding. So he was taken off to have some cuts sewn up and a ripped nail bed cleaned and bandaged. They removed the ripped short sleeves so that they could clean, stitch and bandage him. The doctor helped him into his jacket to keep him warm as he was shaking.

Then he was taken to admissions to give them Anthea’s details.

He could not hold a pen to sign, but the admissions clerk said, “Sir we do know where to find you, don’t worry now”.


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