A story – part 53

When Anthea cried over her ex-fiancé, Theresa and I looked at each other. I shook my head slightly. If there was ever any chance of her getting back with him, I didn’t want her to know about the baby.

She stayed and had supper with us, taking a turn at holding Edmund over her shoulder, as that was where he seemed comfortable.

Theresa and I went together to settle him down. Then we had a brief chat and decided we would tell her each of us had had an involvement with him, and that he had never really been honest with either of us. That would be all.

Over coffee, we re-opened the subject. Anthea was surprised and then said “You were the woman at the Embassy function with him and that other man. I assumed you were his wife.” looking at me. I said yes, and he seemed ready to simply abandon me that evening.

Then she looked at Theresa and said “You are the woman from the Venetian Airport”. Theresa just blinked and said “I was there with him, once at the end of the holiday where we met. And then we saw each other after that as well.”

I added “At a time when I was under the impression we had a good relationship”.

Anthea sat there looking rather stunned. Then she said “Well that is all in the past now for us all”.

Thomas asked what happened to the picture and Anthea said “I don’t know, I left it behind, the glass was broken, so maybe he threw it away. He was very uncomplimentary about the model”. Thomas said “I still have some of the preparatory sketches for that one, if you like I could give them to you”.

Anthea said, that would be wonderful and thanked him.

At the end of the evening, Thomas and Theresa escorted her to her car and I went to check on Edmund.  He was thriving, the treatment that first week had worked, thanks to the knowledge that the syndrome was in Philip’s family, and now we hoped he would never look back. The colic was just another factor in a small baby growing and developing.

Thomas came back saying “That’s quite a woman, do you think she would also model for me?”

We laughed and asked him if modelling was the only thing he had planned for her. He smiled and ducked his head.

In bed that night we discussed if we had done the right thing, telling Anthea what we had. We are so often in complete agreement with each other; it makes so many aspects of life easier.  

Now that my hormones have begun to settle down again, and I am more stable our relationship is even easier. It was wonderful having the support of a woman during all the hormonal surges during and after pregnancy. Theresa would just say “Being a woman is tough” and give me a hug when I threw a temper tantrum or burst into tears for no reason. Once the pair of us were both “all hormonal” and ended up both crying and holding each other’s hands, so that we ended up giggling together instead.


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