Flash Bang

Daniel got out of his car and stood for a second assessing the rolling clouds. Dark grey and already making the late afternoon darker than normal. Then he ran swiftly across the garden to the house. A quick check on the windows ensured that rain would not get in and make a mess.

Daniel made himself a cup of coffee and collected his camera. The lovely new digital one he had bought as a special treat for himself. He spent a while trying out shutter and exposure times, trying to assess what would be needed.

Then as the storm came closer he took some pictures of the lightning flashes, ignoring the thunder that rolled almost constantly in the background as though some inexhaustible drummer was playing for his life.

Daniel evaluated the pictures after every few shots and made a few changes to the settings. Standing outside now, under the eaves of the house, his shoes getting splashed he continued to take pictures of the spectacle across the valley.

Then there it was, and he caught it, the amazing sight of multiple sources and forks of lightning, making the whole valley a network of blue tracery. This one was going to be a winner in that competition.

FLASH,BANG he felt as though his whole body exploded. He came to somewhat later with his next door neighbour bending over him. “I’ve called the paramedics” said the neighbour. But Daniel couldn’t hear a thing. He was looking at the ground next to him, his new camera in pieces, ruined, and with it his chances in the competition.


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