A Story – part 43

We have become a family of four.  Our friend Thomas has bought a large modernised farmhouse between the village where the glass factory and studio are, and the town where Lisa’s parents live.  He asked us if we would like to share it, and suddenly everything fell into place for us.  He and the glass studio have created a small gallery in the town right on the main tourist route.  Several other local artists have placed works there, and it’s becoming a thriving artistic community.

We discovered Thomas comes from a wealthy family, and as his art is beginning to sell extremely well, he finally had started to spend some of the money his grandfather left him, hence the house and studio.

Lisa will join a physiotherapy practice in the town and work there, starting with a few hours a day initially after the baby is born and she is physically ready to resume work.  Her mother will look after baby Lucas for those hours if I can’t. It is an easy commute for me by train to the capital where we established our office, but a lot of work I can do from home, so I too can be around our baby as he grows.

Thomas is easy-going except when he’s battling with a picture that won’t ‘flow’. Then he takes himself off for a long walk, and usually returns slightly inebriated, with flowers he has picked for us girls (we wonder if the owners object) and then eats vast quantities of bread and cheese with jam.  Usually the next day he reports that “the juices are flowing again”.  Lisa and I have giggled to each other on both occasions that we are sure he visits some local woman and that’s really what does the trick.  But whoever she is, he never invites her home.

With the baby due in a few weeks, Lisa has stopped working and is spending time with her mother during the day. They are very close, and she treats me so well I’m beginning to feel she really has accepted us.  A week ago I came in on the train and walked to their house where Lisa had spent the afternoon. Lisa was upstairs having a sleep. When I walked in and said “Hi mum’ and gave her mum a kiss I realised that I do feel like another daughter.

Her mum was sewing the curtains for the baby’s room, so I settled in with her, pinning for her to sew.  We enjoy handcrafts together, and as Lisa has never been that keen, it gives us something special together.

Visiting my customer for the glass enterprise, I remembered she is the woman Philip is marrying.  She ran into Lisa and I in town recently when she was early for a meeting with me, and was delighted to see us. We still can’t decide if we should tell her anything, or just hope that he has reformed now he is apparently in love.

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