6 word memoir

The only Cin was where I saw this


Inspired by the post by Turtle memoirs


1. Best advice
Be yourself, everyone else is taken

2. Milestone birthdays
Every one, another year to anticipate

3. Holiday traditions
Smile at everyone, pretending speedy inebriation

4. Memorable meal
Soup and toast, made with love

5. Siblings
One alive, one dead, me between

6. Cheating death
Guns pointed, pressed alarm, they left

7. Trip that changed life
You’re too late he just died

8. What a child taught me
I love you lots and lots

8a. Most beautiful words of a child
Can I hug you now please

9. Revenge is sweet
Who was that fat old man

10. Worst mistake

I can do it later on

15 thoughts on “6 word memoir

  1. Et tu? Its like speaking in morse code…
    Lovely to hear that the kitty cat is doing better – but she is going to hate that cage!! What have you got in there to keep her busy with? Or isn’t she even allowed that type of excitement?

    1. Koda is an ex-male. he’s got head damage so excitement is not called for, he’s sleeping most of the time

      he’s in a kittening pen, high enough for him to walk around, space for food and water separate from sandbox and a place to sleep

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