A Story – part 40

As we started to plan our wedding and discuss our marriage, I realised that Philip was not comfortable with the level of detail I felt we should be discussing.  His attitude was “Oh we’ll just work it out as we go along. After all we love each other, and that’s the most important thing.” That was what he said when I tried to discuss careers, working, and life balance we would both want.

Sometimes I’m a little concerned that he is too possessive, and at other times it makes me feel warm and loved.

He says he feels uncomfortable discussing marriage with my parents. I suggested his mother (his father is dead) but he said she would not like it either.

I have discussed this with my mother and she says maybe he’ll find an independent counsellor more acceptable and less embarrassing for him. The problem is I am not always in the city with him on the same day of the week.

My brother says he neither likes nor trusts Philip, but he can’t give reasons.  I am not happy about this as my brother and I have always been pretty close, even though he is some years older than I am.

My father says Philip is making unrealistic demands to join the company and stay in the country. He feels that as he is sure he will be an ambassador in just a few years he would like to join with an executive role.

Why, oh why isn’t life smooth and easy?

In a few weeks Philip and I are going to his home country for a week to meet his family and friends. I am very excited and also a little apprehensive. Will they all like me? Will I like them?

3 thoughts on “A Story – part 40

  1. My goodness, if he doesn’t even want to discuss their coming married lifestyle beforehand, what will he expect afterwards? Tyrant-in-the-making is all I can say!

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