A Story – part 38

One of the first new friends Lisa and I made as a couple is Thomas H. He is an artist with a growing reputation, who we met at a gallery. The three of us hit it off instantly and the quick cup of coffee turned into lunch, more coffee and then dinner at our apartment.

Slowly he has learned all about us, and we about him.  It is a very close friendship.  He has similar colouring to Philip, and has agreed to pretend to be Lisa’s ‘sperm donor/friend’ should Philip ever ask.  Lisa is so adamant that Philip should know nothing about this baby, or if he does find out, be led to believe it is not his. She is now so much more relaxed, knowing that Philip can be managed should he ever find out she has had a baby.

We have signed the cohabitation contract we both felt was fair to both us and the baby when he arrives. Yes it’s a boy!  We have our occasional disagreements, but mostly we know when to give each other space. That makes us even more happy to spend time together.

Lisa is really showing the pregnancy now.  Her dad who is a GP, says women who are extremely happy to be pregnant often show bigger than others.  I guess that means she is happy about it.  I know I can’t wait.

Lisa has been modelling for Thomas, naked or semi-naked.  He loves her to show the baby-bulge. He gave us one pencil drawing of both of us, holding hands, she looking so ethereally happy it makes me want to weep when I look at it.

At the opening of Thomas’s show last week, there were Anthea and Philip.  Holding hands and looking very infatuated with each other. I rushed round and found Lisa and Thomas together in the small room where the pictures of Lisa were on display. Thomas immediately put his arm around Lisa, and as Philip and Anthea came round to the room they were in, he kissed Lisa and put his hand on the baby-bulge in a very proprietorial way.

I could see Philip stop suddenly, look hard at them, and then steer Anthea away.  They left quite quickly after that.  Afterwards we three went out to celebrate the good opening, 20% of his pictures already sold.  We had champagne, and Lisa sparkling water that she swears gives the baby hiccoughs, but she loves it.

Lisa and I toasted our wonderful friend Thomas.

The really funny story came the next day. Anthea returned alone to the gallery, and bought one of Thomas’s pictures of Lisa. Naked, with her face turned and hidden by a curtain of her hair. The baby bulge quite obvious, and her breasts looking very full and sexy. Yet Lisa looks like an innocent Madonna in that one.  I had been wondering if I could afford it.

Lisa, Thomas and I laughed and laughed wondering how Philip will feel looking at it and never really knowing. Thomas said Anthea had wanted it for the bedroom, so Philip will definitely have to see it often.


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