A Story -part 37


Suddenly Philip wanted to hurry up our wedding date.  I felt rather pressurised over it, but he kept saying that there was no reason for either of us to delay.  As I had had a big fancy wedding the first time, Philip suggested we have a quiet civil ceremony followed by a lunch for family and friends.  Somehow I still wanted a wedding party, dancing and eating all mixed in, with happy people mingling.   Just because it was to be my second wedding (and his first) didn’t mean that we had to keep it a secret. I think if you are happy, share that happiness with others.

Then Philip was asked to go overseas to yet another country in order to be interviewed by the ambassador there, with a view to a promotion and move.  He was only given two days notice, and was rather rushed, flying off without seeing me, as I was back at the factory that week.

That brought home to me the speed with which my father and I would need to move if we were going to get him to leave the foreign service and come to work in the family business. The reason for his wanting to speed up our wedding seemed clearer.

When he returned, my father invited him to a meeting the next evening, and drove to the capital especially for it.   I was not there, but according to my father Philip was very demanding when they discussed the possibilities.   It ended with Philip asking for a formal proposal from the company to see and make a decision based on ‘hard facts’.

That weekend we had a party at the orphanage to celebrate the start of the projects to upgrade the buildings and start the plan for children to spend time at the homes of local families.  The board had accepted my proposal and the upgrade project was mine to run.

The other project Leo and I had worked on together. The Called the ‘adopt a cousin’ project, more than half of the children had been invited to spend the weekend with local families who had children of similar ages.  It was amazing what impact a hand-written letter from the king could have.

Philip told me he was too busy to come with me.

Leo and I drove down together, and when we got there I discovered what was the secret in the car.  Every orphan had a certificate of membership in the “King’s Children’s Corps”, entitling them to special benefits at the annual national day parade in the capital, to march in the ‘middle’ of the parade and invited to the special children’s corps breakfast at the palace before the parade.

Leo presented the certificates personally, and shook each child’s hand in a pact never to let them be neglected again.

Driving back to the capital that evening he said “I’m sure that the orphanage would never have fallen into such a sad state if I’d had the right wife.”  I laughed and told him I didn’t know any social workers to introduce him to, but I was sure we’d find him one on an internet dating site, if that was what he really wanted.

He had always had a reputation for finding the most beautiful girls and then women to date. He confided that once he became king, it became impossible to find the right woman as somehow all the women he met seemed to think being his wife would be a glamour position. Funny how the paparazzi help make the wrong impressions of people’s lives.

He really did sound sad, and I vowed to myself to find him the right wife as soon as I could.

Back that evening with Philip in his apartment he seemed rather grumpy until I went and sat on his lap and told him how I’d missed him that day.  He said “Once we are married we never need be separated ever again”, and then kissed me until all I could think of was him.


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