What’s in a name?

“He’s most unpromising looking” said Theodore, the trainer, looking at the colt, who after several days was still extremely wobbly on his feet, nuzzling at his mother.  Mr Benzoli looked hard at the youngster. “For a mare we paid so much for and from such lines as the stallion carries too this is a poor start to her breeding career.”

6 months later after the mare, Dazzling Dancer, had won yet another national competition, Theodore and Mr Benzoli stood together in the bar and spoke of many things.  Theodore said “We have to make a decision about Dazzle’s colt”.  Mr Benzoli said, “As you know, Dianna thinks she and he have a real bond and she wants to keep him, sort of as a pet. So for her 16th birthday I’ll give her title to the colt. You know she has decided on his name, most inappropriate for a horse that should be competing. But he is so odd looking, maybe he’ll never make it into the first rounds.


“Well Dianna”, said Mr Benzoli, “I’m so relieved that your 16th birthday present has given you such an overwhelming win to celebrate your 21st birthday. That horse is really a great champion, better than either of his parents. I still wonder how you and he have achieved it.”

Dianna laughed, “Dad, you still don’t understand the power of names. False Start was born weeks too early, too eager to start living, so now of course he’s a winner”.

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