A Story – Part 32

It was so nice to be in the capital with Philip for most of that week. We are so in love, I can’t believe it. It feels like it did with my husband in the beginning of our marriage. Sometimes I feel giddy with happiness.

I had to go to the factory for a day, a review of proposals made by the engineering team to save us an hour each day in downtime by adding some redundancy to a piping system. 

I did spend a day at Leo’s request visiting an orphanage with him.  It used to be called the Queen’s Orphanage when his grandmother and then his mother were the founder and sponsor, but after his mother’s death it was renamed after the town it is in.  Not far from the town and village where I started the glass project.  It is in pretty bad shape, and talking to the matron of the place (why doesn’t a home for orphans have a mother at the head?) we realised no-one really helped beyond the basic government grant.

I phoned my father and he said that as the company hadn’t decided on a charity to sponsor this year he suggested I propose it to the board at next month’s board meeting.  I’ve only been a board member for a few months, the shares my parents gave me every year for my birthday have mounted up until I am now a fair shareholder.  They like the big shareholders on the board, so that they help run the place and not just criticise. But now that I am, it can be exciting and very boring some times.

On the way back, Leo and I stopped for lunch at a small place. The owner came out to greet us. We got a table at a window looking down to a grassy bank and a stream.  The trees are bare now and the chill is settling in.  But we were quite snug. We chatted to the owner’s wife who is the cook and she made us a delicious mushroom soup with her homemade bread and cheese.   We are so at ease with each other, Leo and I. I think he is my best friend.

We went for a walk before driving on and I told him about Philip. He asked if Philip makes me happy in all ways. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, and this question is now puzzling me. Can I be this happy in love but not be happy in all ways?

When we got back to the car the owner and his wife came out to us and gave us a little present in a cloth. Inside were the most beautiful little biscuits. She said her children had always loved them, but now they were grown up she only made them for special people. She asked when we were getting married. We laughed and said something about not yet.  I wonder what made her think so?

I am starting to plan how to get many people involved in helping the orphans. Maybe that woman would bake biscuits or a cake when those children have a birthday?  Little things that normal children have; can we persuade many people to help make life happier for them?

Leo and I talked about this all the way back, how to make the children “owned” by everyone in the towns and villages around, make them part of the community by giving them many aunts and uncles if they don’t have parents.

Philip seems a little annoyed at Leo for involving me, but I am enjoying working on this project and do not want to give it up.  I feel I am repaying for my happy childhood, and hopefully making sure my children will be equally blessed, unlike these poor orphans.

My parents came for dinner one evening and the evening was a great success. Philip is such a gracious host, my mother’s initial slight hesitance over a foreigner was soon overcome.

I think we will start talking abut the future soon, Philip sometimes mentions us having children and what a wonderful mother I will make.

My father and I have been discussing how to keep Philip in the country, rather than having he and I posted all over the world.   There is a place for someone so gracious and polite to all in the PR section of the company.


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