A Story – part 31

After she had finished at the second factory that evening Anthea went to drop off her suitcase at her lodgings, and then on to Ron and Anne for supper and to hear the news.

Anne was so excited. “I’m going to be a grandmother” was the first thing she said.  Anthea asked, “and will Ron be a grandfather?” They laughed and walked in to the kitchen together. There was Liesel, looking similar to the girl Anthea remembered.  They greeted and hugged, with Anthea offering her congratulations. Liesel wasn’t visibly pregnant.  So they discussed dates and where the baby would be born.

Then after dinner Liesel sat Anthea down to talk to her while Anne and Ron tidied up.

Liesel began “I have a favour to ask you”. My fiancée is Kenjo Li, he’s a Japanese citizen.  Now that he has his permit to live and work here we wanted to approach you. He’s an artist and designer. He worked with a glass studio in Honshu before coming here to keep an eye on his sister who was an exchange student.  Here he has been teaching drawing at an academy in the capital. Then we met and fell in love and so he is staying on. Now that he has his permits we are getting married.  We started the baby early as we can’t wait to start our family.

He would like to show you his portfolio and see if the glass products side could do with his skills and talents. Anthea happily agreed to have a look when Kenjo would be able to visit the factory.

While they were all having some coffee, there was a knock on the door.  Friends of Ron and Anne, The local GP, Peter, and his wife Tina came in and greeted everyone. Apparently their daughter, Lisa, and Liesel had been good friends as children. 

Once everyone was settled and the conversation moved on to the young people, Tina said “We have news, Lisa is pregnant”. Anne and Liesl replied simultaneously that Liesel was also pregnant.

Amid happy laughter and congratulations, Anthea felt somewhat left out. She too would love to be congratulated for the same reason.  She and her husband had never even discussed having children, that would have limited his lifestyle.  Now maybe one day with Philip. Her heart did a little flutter. One day.

She was so glad to talk to him that night. They seemed to be getting along so well and were so happy together. Maybe there really was a future for her with a happy marriage and a family.

Two days later Kenjo arrived. A gentle man, with a shy smile, Anthea took to him immediately. When he opened his portfolio of drawings and photographs of glass objects he had created she realised she had found the artistic director for the ‘fancy’ goods side of the glass enterprise.

She phoned Ron and their financial director, Johan. They came over to the office to meet Kenjo and see his portfolio.  An hour later they were deep in financial discussions.  Kenjo could immediately start on the two days a week he did not teach.

That evening she was bubbling over with this discovery. When Philip phoned he seemed interested in her news, and congratulated her on the discovery of the man.

Falling asleep that night Philip felt relieved that he must have misheard or forgotten the name of the place Lisa came from.  He wondered now about the unprotected sex, and delightful as it had been, he decided that it had been extremely unwise not to take precautions from his side and just hope the woman was on the pill.  He was relieved to be off the hook and promised himself never to be that stupid again.


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