A Story – part 24

Philip was being so reserved, not pushing for a consummation of our developing relationship. I thought he must be rather shy, and decided to take matters into my own hands. That we both wanted to take this to another level was becoming definite. In the village we had separate rooms at the lodgings where I […]

A story – part 22

That weekend when Philip and I went to visit his friend Theresa changed my life completely. I had been trying so hard to be everything a perfect wife would be that I did not take into account my own feelings. He never made me feel joyful and myself. I was somewhat afraid of Theresa and […]

Weekend theme – polyphloisboian

My person is downstairs playing with that polyphloisboian suction device. She says it’s for cleaning, I ask with tears in my eyes – what was a tongue invented for? However as it is my job to keep improving her rather limited vocabulary, last night as she slept, I kept whispering “Polyphloisboian” in her ear. So […]

Zymurgy – by trial and error

The weekend theme of Zymurgy made me first think about drinking the results, and then I remembered some experiences with the results of not enough knowledge in the field, or to put it more kindly, of lessons learned in the art and science of zymurgy. As teenagers we, like most, were fascinated by the effects […]

A Story – part 19

My mother always told me that I should look out for a kind and considerate man as a husband. I think that was because my father was rather selfish and expected her to always do what he wanted. I studied physiotherapy and bio kinetics because my mother said it was something I could carry on […]