A Story – Part 23

I took Gerard’s advice and gave Philip another chance. After all I had been pretty unavailable for ages. Too busy to have a life, I guess.

The attraction was definitely very strong, both physically and mentally.

That evening after the reception we had a great time, just talking. When I kissed him goodnight it was all I could do to not invite him in.

We spoke on the phone every day and planned for the weekend. Then there was a technical problem at the glass manufacturing part of the factory and the expert we relied on was in Italy for the rest of the week and weekend only. So Ron and I flew down to get the help and advice needed. I was really mad to miss the weekend with Philip.

The following Monday he said he’d been just across the border to see the famous architecture in a city there. He sounded a bit down, and I assumed he’d wanted the weekend as much as I had.

The weekend was wonderful. I showed him what we’d achieved so far in the glass project. We walked through our estate and I discovered he’d been part of the immediate rescue team when the freak earthquake struck. He’d just arrived in the country. When he was doing his military service back home he had been part of many rescue teams and seemed to enjoy the challenge and the thrill of discovering survivors. That was a side I hadn’t expected, but I liked it.

He seemed a bit tense at Ron and Anne, especially when they spoke of their daughter in the city with a man they had never met. I wondered about the woman I saw with him at the reception, but it wasn’t the time to talk about that.

We both enjoyed the weekend, finding a million things to talk about, yet also able to be companionably silent together. Gerard and my father were right; it was time to also get my personal life back on track.

We talked again during the week, and I promised to come to the capital for that weekend. Again we had a wonderful time together doing the more sophisticated things available in a city,

The following weekend we were back in the village. Again on Saturday night we went to Ron and Anne for supper. It was Anne’s comment that her daughter Liesel seemed upset over some problem with her boyfriend, and that Anne feared she was also pregnant, that seemed to transfix Philip.

On Sunday Philip occasionally seemed a little distracted and when I asked him, he said it was a heavy week coming up. That afternoon he left a little earlier than previously to return to the city.


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