Weekend theme – polyphloisboian

My person is downstairs playing with that polyphloisboian suction device. She says it’s for cleaning, I ask with tears in my eyes – what was a tongue invented for?

However as it is my job to keep improving her rather limited vocabulary, last night as she slept, I kept whispering “Polyphloisboian” in her ear. So what did she do in the morning? She googled it. And then she USED it for the weekend theme.

I do think I’m really getting quite good at training her.

Sweetpea – that’s my pseudonom, my registered name is Paperback Writer.


6 thoughts on “Weekend theme – polyphloisboian

  1. I don’t like it when my upright uses that device or the other one that makes our wooden floors nice and shiny so I can use it as a skating rink 🙂

  2. Hello Sweetpea, Our Alice also makes a lot of Polly F Lesbian with her machine. I tried to bite her once, but she hit me with the sucking-stick, so now I hide behind the couch.
    love Lulubelle.

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