Weekend theme – reunion

On the second day in the country, my curiosity overcame me, and I looked up his number in the phone book. On day three I phoned, but had to leave a message. The next day he called back.

He didn’t live in any of the cities I’d be working in, but over one weekend when I was changing city we’d both be in the same city. He’d be busy during the day, which just left us two evenings together. It was with a curious mixture of excitement and nerves I disembarked from the plane and started to wonder if we’d recognise each other. Suddenly there he was, and I was swept up into a huge hug that left me dizzy with excitement.

It was almost as though we hadn’t seen each other for a week, not the years between. He had only just arrived in the city too, having driven there, so we went straight to the bed and breakfast place we were both staying at and checked in.

Then off we walked for supper. I have no memory of eating anything; it was so good to be talking again. On the way back from supper walking closely together and talking of this and that, we suddenly stopped and kissed, the moment was right.

That night was as though we’d never been apart, the excitement and passion were still as strong as those years ago. In the morning he kissed me and said, sleep in, you’ll need it. He smiled and left.

I woke slowly, got up showered and dressed, ready for a day of sightseeing. A long day of wandering and sightseeing and I was ready to be driven when he collected me having finished his busy day.

We drove a long way around the huge bay and dined at a restaurant situated right on a little beach, looking out at the darkened bay and the city lights across the bay. We talked and laughed, we shared what we had done that day, we remembered secrets we had shared, moments we had shared.

Never a word about the future, there was none.

That night was also a repeat of an old passion, reignited for a weekend. Wonderful, but bittersweet, probably the last time we would ever see each other. In the morning he slipped from my arms, kissed me goodbye.

Off to our separate lives, with a sweet memory added to much older memories.


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