A Story – Part 11

That man! Always popping up to divert me, yet never actually getting close enough for me to find out if this is purely a physical attraction, of if there is possibly more.  Of all things, a diplomat!  They get sent all round the world, I need to stay here.  This seems doomed from the start. […]

Friday Flash 55

Today I watched you die, leaving me desolate and alone. I heard your last words to me “I nearly died”. So faint and frail my heart constricted in fear. Then I woke and was momentarily relieved, it was only a dream. Stretching and looking at the grey dawn, I remembered. Not a dream, a memory. […]

A Story – Part 10

Philip and Lisa dined out together on the way back to his apartment.  Pleading exhaustion, he cut the evening quite short. Philip felt exhausted and tossing and turning all night did nothing to improve his outlook the next day.   Work pressure kept him extremely busy, working long days.  Ministerial visits, working with protocol officers […]

A Story – part 9

He was somewhat disoriented when David came up to talk to him and noticed his state.  “You really must not mix painkiller drugs and alcohol” he said sympathetically.  I’m able to leave now and take you home.  So he made a somewhat undignified exit, wobbling like a drunk on his crutches, escorted by an obviously […]

A Story – part 8

The next few weeks were extremely frustrating for Philip. The complex fracture required two operations to resolve and considerable time in hospital, the out-patients section and waiting for various doctors. However he did manage to get his hands on a telephone book from her city and find her in it. He felt too embarrassed to […]

10 Days to go, conversations at the fuel pump

This morning I had a conversation with the chaps at the fuel pumps while waiting for the fuel to be punped.  One had a button that said “Buenos Dias” so we started chatting about how to say hello in different languages.  How difficult it is for some of us who are lingusitically challenged, and how easy […]