10 Days to go, conversations at the fuel pump

This morning I had a conversation with the chaps at the fuel pumps while waiting for the fuel to be punped.  One had a button that said “Buenos Dias” so we started chatting about how to say hello in different languages.  How difficult it is for some of us who are lingusitically challenged, and how easy some find other languages.

Driving away I wondered if learning that the rest of the world is populated by people with different languages, ways, expectations etc would be good for everyone here.  Will this maybe be the start of breaking into the xenophobia we seem to be prone to?

Maybe that will be the great benefit of this world cup?


11 thoughts on “10 Days to go, conversations at the fuel pump

  1. Instead of celebrating our differences we fight over it… bizarre! I’m getting bombarded all over the place at the moment with foreigners and I’m very quickly learning that hand signals could be the solution in creating the new universal language that can communicate with all… Won’t tell you the most important one I’ve learnt so far… *blush*

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