National Pride – Weekend Theme Contribution

National Pride is the theme for the weekend.

As we are about to host the Soccer World Cup, and have started hosting the teams and some supporters, we may look at that as a cause for pride.

For me the thing to be so very proud of is that in the midst of conflict and at a time when I for one had little national pride, living in a country where so many were legally oppressed, we managed to create a constitution that is one of the most liberal in the world. Granting freedom and protection for people.

It guarantees that diverse as we are, there is a place for each. Our wonderful flag shows that with it’s many colours and angles of lines.

Viva South Africa, Viva!

16 thoughts on “National Pride – Weekend Theme Contribution

  1. Hey!! I didn’t know that you were here as well? Its great to see you – I will be doing your National Pride challenge tomorrow – I already took my photos… *grin*

  2. Oh no, another favourite moving away.

    I just dont seem to be able to find my way around other blog sites.

    x x x

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