A story – part 6

For Philip, life went on as normal.  Work, diplomatic events often in the evenings, he took up running as he felt he needed a time away from people and events.  He made new friends and even started dating a few women.  Occasionally he thought he saw her again, but then when he would get closer, it would be someone else.

Back at the city of J, where the new manufacturing process had been invented, escorting some VIPs for yet another visit and discussions.  He went for his usual morning run, hoping he would remember the way back to the hotel.  Just when he realised he was somewhat lost, and tired, he saw her.  In a car, waiting at a robot.

She looked up and saw him.  A slight frown creased her forehead. His heart sank.  At that moment, running faster to catch up with her, not looking where he was going, he tripped over a hole and fell.  He tried to get up and the agony made him fall again. He sat there feeling like an idiot, the pain preventing another attempt at standing. She drove off.

He just sat waiting for the pain to abate sufficiently for him to try to hobble to where he might find a lift back to the hotel.  He managed to hop a few feet and was standing holding on to the pole of the road sign when he heard a hoot.  He turned to look, and it as her car.

She pulled up and asked if he was ok.  He replied “I seem to have done some damage”.  Her answer baffled him, “It’s exactly what you deserve”.

His face fell, she was angry and he didn’t know why.  So he replied “If the Princess would kindly tell me what I have done I will endeavour to repair the damage.”

She said “You can’t stand there holding up that pole all day, you had better get in”.  He hopped over to the car and in getting in he somehow hit the ankle against the car. He passed out from the pain and came to with her standing over him looking rather worried.  “Are you ok? What happened?” she asked.

“I think I have broken something” he said.  Together they tried again and this time got him into the passenger seat without any more damage.

“Where to?” she asked, and he gave the name of his hotel.  Two quick turns away and they were outside the hotel.  He hadn’t been as lost as he’d thought.  She quickly got out of the car and went inside, returning with two strong looking hotel employees.  They carefully helped her out of the car.

He looked at her, “Thank you for rescuing me, can I thank you properly when I’ve seen to this?”  She replied “I did ask you to phone me”.  His look of despair almost made her smile “You are not listed anywhere, not even all the resources of the Embassy could find you”.

“And you didn’t just look in the telephone directory here?” she replied sharply, turning and getting into the car.

His heart sank, she despised him for his stupidity!

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