A Story – part 5

“It’s a puzzle”, said David.  Her residence is listed as her parent’s castle near Prei Peak, yet that was ruined in the earthquake two years ago, the one that happened the day you arrived.

“I remember that”, said Philip, “I joined the rescue party because of my experience in South America. That castle was a disaster, no one will ever live there again. But then no-one was injured because only the groundsman lived there and his cottage was undamaged.”

“She is not listed in any telephone book in the city and you know we don’t have access to the cell phone numbers book.” Said Philip

“Is this really important?” asked David.

Philip groaned, “I think so, but how can one be sure on the basis of one evening?”

“Oh! I didn’t realise this was personal” said David.  The best way to one of these royals is through the party set.”

“But I tried that, and all I got was kilos heavier”.

“Oh no, you went on the diplomatic circuit, not the international party circuit. But you will need a lot of money to do that.”

“Well” said Philip, “that’s not possible on a diplomat’s pay. So I guess I’d better kiss that dream goodbye”

Philip carried on as normal for a few days, with a foreboding feeling haunting him.  She probably didn’t have an official residence if she was the King’s mistress. 

A letter from his mother reminded him that his younger sister and brother were both happily settled and the first grandchild was on the way. He who had always planned on becoming settled in a career before settling down, was the one left behind. His life hadn’t moved at the pace theirs had.  Oh Well! Ambition could still be a good thing.  Maybe he’d only marry when he was a lot older.  The problem was, a good wife was a great career asset, so if he couldn’t be happy he’d better be successful, very successful.


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