A story – Part 4

He sat riveted by the sight of the King and Anthea, walking slowly together in the palace garden, heads bent towards each other, apparently having a very deep conversation.  His heart froze inside his chest.  How could this be?  Was she the King’s new mistress, had it happened while he was falling in love with her?

“Philip, could you give us the run-down on the new process invented here?” the Ambassador’s voice broke into his reverie.  He reluctantly returned to the conversation at hand.  His engineering background was vital in this, so he concentrated on the discussions for the rest of the meeting.

As they were leaving he anxiously looked around for her. The press were there to capture the moment of the agreement, so he could blend into the background.  Then as their small cavalcade drove off they stopped at the intersection, and there she was, in a medium sized car, driving herself.  Their eyes met and she smiled.  Then she mimed “Phone me”.  He nodded, then groaned to himself, he did not know how to find out her number.  Just Anthea, no other clues.

The Ambassador noticed his antics and said, “Oh so you know the Princess?”.  The jolt of realising that she hadn’t reacted when he playfully called her Princess. Of course! She really was one.  He replied casually that he had met her.

Back at the office he started his research.  There were 3 Princess Anthea listed in the full lists of world royalty.

One was definitely not her, at 73 Anthea would not have been as attractive as she undeniably was.  The other two were both possibilities.  The one had a lineage going back to Charlemagne, the other was descended from a common great great grand-father with the current King.  The same man who had founded the Kingdom by amalgamating several smaller principalities, and offering a strong and stable government.

Then he realised he knew who the one Anthea was.  Her father had married “New world” money and she as a blue-blooded heiress had been in the news for several years, present at the biggest international parties etc.  Definitely not HIS Anthea.

So now all he had to do was find out the official residence of one Princess Anthea.  No problem, and off he went to see the protocol officer, David Blaney who seemed to have the world’s best knowledge of people, their rank, background etc etc etc.

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