A Story – part 2

For those who thought they knew the ending…

They danced and danced together.  The Ambassador was unaware of the fact that he danced with no-one else.  The old King however noticed it all.

She was as pliable as a willow reed in his arms. All of the fancy steps he’d known came back and now with a lightness in his heart and feet he twirled, dipped and seemed to float around the floor.  He had eyes only for her, yet was aware of the other dancers and navigated the floor with none of those awkward collisions that characterised dancing at school. She must be some kind of magic princess to bring about this change in him.

When they took a break, he fetched her something to drink, there was definitely champagne in it! Then he smiled at her and said “Princess, what is your name”.  “Anthea” she said, smiling at him.  The pair of them seemed unable to stop smiling at each other.

They danced, talked, walked out on the terrace for some fresh air.  They talked, not of mundane things such as who they were, or what they did for a living, they talked of what was in their hearts, their innermost secrets.

There was a little aloofness from her when he tried to hold her closely in the quiet corner of the terrace, he put that down to initial shyness.

Then just before the end of the evening, the young King was dancing near to them, danced closer. The two couples greeted each other, and the King said, may I cut in on you.  He could not refuse the King, but knowing the man’s reputation, his heart sank. How could he compete with a real title? Plus the man seemed to have a great deal of charisma.

By the end of the dance, the King and the lovely young woman had disappeared.  How? He thought he’d been watching really well, but his new partner had danced so close, he was somewhat distracted by the sensations he was experiencing. Dancing certainly created many interesting situations!

He went out to the terrace to try to calm himself, after all he was in love with Anthea, how could another woman arouse such sensations?

The guests began to drift away, after all once the King had left, the ball was officially over.

In desperation he looked everywhere for her.  Eventually the ambassador saw him and offered him a lift home.  He gratefully accepted.

The next day racked with longing he began the long process of finding her.

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